Latino-Italian Similarities and Resources

Italian is a Romance language that is very similar to Latin. It is no secret that these two languages share a lot of features in common with one another because they are both part of the Romance language family.

One of the most obvious similarities between Italian and Latin is how they both use word endings for sentence structure. For example, in Latin, there are six different sentence structures: declarative, exclamatory, interrogative, imperative, negative, and deponent. In Italian there are only three: declarative (no ending), exclamatory (ending with an exclamation point), and interrogative (ending with a question mark).

In addition to using word endings for sentence structure, both languages have nouns that correspond to gender-specific articles such as “il”/”lo” in Italian or “the” in English.

Many words in Italian end with “-o” or “-e” which are also found in Latin words like “novus” (new) and “medius” (middle).

Furthermore, there are many cognates between these two languages such as “cognoscere” (to know), “conoscere” (to know), and “conerescere” (to recognize).

Top Italian / Latin Dictionaries and Translators

The world of translation and localization is always evolving. It’s hard to keep up with the newest translations and translators. And when it comes to finding a good Italian-Latin dictionary, there are many options out there, but not all of them are created equal. Some dictionaries only cover Latin words in English (which for some people may be enough), while others go into detail about how Latin evolved into what we know as modern Italian today. If you want to get started learning more about this fascinating language, check out our list below!

Here’s a list of the best Italian-Latin dictionaries: 

1. English to Latin Online Dictionaries

2. Latin to English Online Dictionaries

  • Latin to English general dictionary – Perseus
  • Latin to English dictionary and grammar aid – Notre Dame
  • Latin to English modern words – Latinitas Recens
  • Latin to English vocabulary – Bill Casselman
  • Latin to English list of city names – Orbis Latinus
  • Latin to English list of Great Britain and Ireland locations
  • Latin to English Ecclesiastical abbreviations – New Advent
  • Latin to English glossary of first names – FreeREG
  • Latin to English ancestry wordlist
  • Latin to English glossary of colors – University of Kentucky
  • Latin to English nomenclature of colors – E.M. Fries
  • Latin To English modern Latin abbreviations – CTCWeb Editors
  • Latin to English dictionary of biology – Botanical epithets
  • Latin to English glossary of etymological roots – Karen Fletcher
  • Latin to English Christian names – Charles T. Martin
  • Latin to English forms of English surnames – Charles T. Martin
  • Latin to English genealogical word list – Family Search