Software Localization

Software localization is the process of adapting a program or a system to the language and culture of another country, i.e. translation of user interface, documentation and related software files from one language to another. When launching a new software on the international market, localization becomes very important. Supporting multiple languages in the product allows not only to expand its consumer market, but also brings the status of the company or the brand to a new level. High-quality localization seriously affects the growth of software sales in the foreign market. When localizing, it is important not only to translate all materials and fit them into the context of the interface, but also to keep the system working. Therefore, localizers must not only know the subject of the software product, but also have an idea about the software device. Writeliff offers complete and reliable software localization services. We do much more than a correct linguistic representation. Our software specialists guarantee that our client’s software will be fully functional in all languages.

Localization Services

Website Localization

The localization of a website is a particularly complex process that involves multiple phases and requires different professional skills. It is not enough to simply translate the website text into the target language, but rather the success of a website localization depends on several factors. The contents must be adapted to the linguistic and cultural system of the target locale. The tone of communication must be adapted to the requirements, expectations and demands of the target market. The graphical components must also undergo the necessary cultural transformations and adaptations. It is necessary to use the terminology, expressions and jargon preferred in the local culture of the customers you serve. With localization, target market users who visit your site must find all the elements, concepts and content they use in their daily lives.

Localization Services

Multimedia Localization

The concept of multimedia implies the combination of various forms of information such as text, audio, images, animations, video and interactive content. The multimedia content can be stored and displayed through various electronic and computerized media including PC’s, TV’s, tablets, smartphones, headphones, etc. In today’s world, the content of multimedia has gained a massive influence more than ever. That is why the localization of such content can help your company expand its reach to a global audience. With the huge increase in the use of video for attracting and engaging customers online, there is a growing demand for multimedia localization in many business sectors. Presentations, e-learning programs, and video instructions are widely used in science, engineering and education. In marketing, multimedia is a key element in advertising, presentations and corporate materials. Multimedia localization is your strategic pathway to overcome the barriers of geography, culture and language. We help your business reach new heights through our bespoke localization services. Our localization team comprises a group of professional linguists and technicians who can handle a wide variety of different audio and video formats.

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