Subtitling Services

The subtitles are the texts that appear on the bottom edge of an image or video, providing additional information about the same or translating a narrative or dialogue spoken in a different language. At Writeliff, we are committed to an industry standard process that involves transcription, translation, spotting and testing. Fast, reliable and cost effective, our Arabic subtitling services are what you looking for. Subtitling services in other languages are also available on request. There are a series of technical aspects involved in the Arabic subtitling services, which make its execution quite challenging. This type of translation has time and space restrictions that directly affect the end result. The space we have in our translation is limited to two subtitle lines that are usually centered in the lower part of the screen. In addition, there should be enough contrast between the background of the screen and the color of the subtitles to be readable clearly. It is also important that the subtitles are well synchronized with the speech of the speakers, which forces us to cut and simplify the written text. Our Arabic subtitling team comprises highly skilled linguists and technicians, who are equipped with the necessary tools to handle all types of subtitling projects. Whether the requirement is just to translate video scripts from one language to another, or also includes transcribing the speech apart from the translation, we are always there. Some of the software tools we use for subtitling are listed below.

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