Transcription Services

It is very necessary for many clients to record important information, especially in the case of group discussions. In a subsequent stage, the recorded speech will need to be converted into scripts for business purposes. That is why the transcription services are essential for many businesses. The transcription service can also be a part of the subtitling process, as we first transcribe the video content before translating it into the target language. We provide professional transcription services mainly in Arabic. Transcription in other languages is available upon request. Fast, accurate and reliable, our Arabic transcription services are tailored to meet your business needs. To ensure maximum quality, we hire only native and qualified transcribers. Our transcription team have the ability to convert recorded speech manually to text with the most accuracy and commitment to the specific requirements of each project. While the transcription service is requested separately by many customers, it can be also a part of the video subtitling process. Converting a recorded speech into a text requires a human ear that is able to effectively interpret various dialects or low quality of voice. The challenges involved in the transcription process may include poor quality dictation, a lot of background noise, muffled sounds, and overlapping conversations. In some cases, we can help our clients digitalize and improve the audio to eliminate noise or clarify what speakers say.

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