Medical Translation Services

Medicine is one of the most challenging specialties of the translation profession. One mistake in medical translation can be life-threatening or even fatal. As a professional translation agency specializing in the healthcare sector, we have an ethical obligation to provide the best service to every customer.

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Medical Translation Services

Medical Translation for the Healthcare Sector

The medical documentation is full of specialized terminology and complicated language. However, there is no room for error when translating health-related information. Therefore, we’re fully committed to delivering error-free medical translations accurately reflecting the original documents. This is achieved by hiring only expert translators with a medical background.

Driven by a quality-focused translation process, we put in place a meticulous quality assurance system. This includes editing and proofreading by a medical translator before delivery. Whether it’s medical, veterinary, or pharmaceutical, we guarantee a service that will meet all of your medical translation needs.

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Medical translation services for healthcare sector

Expert Medical Translation Agency

Writeliff is a leading medical translation agency providing services for healthcare organizations. We provide medical translation services to many organizations operating in the health sector. Errors and inaccuracies are totally intolerable in medical translation. They could have serious consequences in terms of health, costs, and credibility.

Our team of medical translators has a solid background and professional experience in the industry. Most of our medical translators are physicians and pharmacists who prefer to translate than to practice their profession. Aside from the skills of our medical translators, our system offers the highest security to protect the confidential documents of our clients. 

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Accurate Translations for All Medical Documents

Medicine is a generic concept that covers a broad area of human knowledge, including many disciplines and areas. No medical professional can master them all. Likewise, no translator can do it either, despite having excellent training in medicine. Over the years, our company has built a vast network of professional medical translators who are experts in various fields of medicine. Our medical translators are carefully selected based on their medical degrees, experiences, and linguistic and technical skills. Our medical translation team comprises physicians, surgeons, vets, and pharmacists.
You can count on us in translating the following medical documents:

  • Clinical history
  • Consent forms
  • Drug labels
  • Medical communications
  • Medical questionnaires
  • Medical reports
  • Healthcare Brochures
  • Scientific Publications
  • Patient education documents