Translation Services in Bahrain

For professional translation services in Bahrain, Writeliff stands out as the top choice. Our standard and certified translation services are tailored to the needs of each client.

Available Online 24/7

Reach out to our 24/7 customer support to get your documents translated and certified online in just a few hours.

Secure and Private

For maximum protection, your documents are securely stored and transmitted through encrypted channels.

100% Acceptance

Our certified translations are guaranteed to meet all acceptance criteria around the globe.

Human Quality

Our online translation is powered 100% by human translators to deliver error-free, consistent output.

Quick Turnaround

We can meet very tight deadlines without compromising our quality standards.

Transparent Pricing

Writeliff consistently offers affordable translation solutions with rates starting at just $0.04 per word.

Easy Ordering

In just a few clicks you’ll get high-quality translations from the convenience of your home or office.

Best Translation Service in Bahrain

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3. Pay online
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Get your content translated by a professional translator in just a few clicks. Our specialist linguists are well-versed in their fields as well as the local dialects and cultural nuances.

Your Go-To Translation Company in Bahrain

To do business in Bahrain, you need to adapt your content for the local customers. For optimum localization results, Writeliff follows a human-powered process that’s run by 100% native speakers. We consider cultural differences, local beliefs, and customs to ensure that your product or service is a great match everywhere you do business.

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Document Translation Services Bahrain

Are you looking for certified translators who offer accuracy and professionalism? With a vast pool of qualified linguists in Bahrain, we ensure integrity in every document translation, whether legal, medical, technical, or business-related. Here is a list of the most common types of documents.

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Passports, ID cards
  • Driving licenses
  • Commercial registrations
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Court judgments
  • Power of attorney
  • Bank statements
  • Medical reports
  • Patient records

Bahrain Translation Services in 120+ Languages

We provide certified translation services between English and over 120 languages. Here are some of the common languages we translate.

Bahrain Translation Rates

Choose between two different types of translation based on your needs. Our translation company offers affordable prices for all types of translation services. With our team of qualified translators in Bahrain, you can be confident that your translations will be accurate and of the highest quality.

Certified Translation
Starting at $25
/ per page
Human Translation Human Translation
PDF DeliveryPDF Delivery
Hard Copy (optional)Hard Copy (optional)
Revisions IncludedRevisions Included
Signed & StampedSigned & Stamped
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Standard Translation
Starting at $0.08
/ per word
Human Translation Human Translation
Hard CopyHard Copy
Revisions IncludedRevisions Included
Signed & StampedSigned & Stamped
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Customer Reviews

I’m really happy that we in Getac rely on Writeliff translation services and would strongly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for professional translators.


Karima Sakout, Getac

We’ve worked with Writeliff more than once, and their delivery dates have always been on time. Also, the translation has always been clear and accurate. The prices are very affordable as well.


Zakaria Sakout, Increase Co.

Had a great experience with the team at Writeliff. They were professional, quick and helped me get an urgent job done with minimal stress. Will use their team again for sure.


Vivian Wood,

One-Stop-Shop for Language Translation Services

Our Bahrain translation services are designed to meet all your linguistic needs. Writeliff provides fast, accurate, human-powered translation services that will help your business get where it needs to be. Get started today by selecting any of our language translation services below.

Document Translation

Our online document translation services are designed to provide our clients with a seamless and hassle-free experience. Your documents will be translated accurately and delivered to you on time.

Certified Translation

For official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and diplomas, we offer certified translation services online for government agencies including the USCIS.

Business Translation

Writeliff provides high-quality business translations for any type of document. We ensure that your message and tone will stay exactly the same.

Website Translation

By translating your website into different foreign language versions, we will help you attract new customers from different countries.


Writeliff will help you deliver meaningful and engaging creative messages while remaining true to your original brand concepts.


We use Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) in huge-volume projects to get high-quality translations at a high speed and low cost.


Using an industry-standard process, Writeliff provides you with everything you need to connect with your global audience.


With Writeliff’s on-demand and real-time localization services, you can innovate, develop, and deploy globally.


WWe can convert your recorded speech manually to text with utmost accuracy and commitment to the specific requirements of each project.

Looking for Professional Translators in Bahrain?

Request a free online quote, or call us to discuss how to get your translation project completed on time and within budget.

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Translation and Localization Services for Any Industry

Writeliff offers customized business translations for specific industries. With a large network of qualified linguists based in Bahrain, we connect you with the best language service providers for your needs.

Automotive Translations

We provide accurate translations and localizations for the automotive industry and related sectors. Writeliff will be your trusted partner in bridging language barriers and driving your global success.

E-commerce Translations

With our expertise, you can build strong, localized relationships that not only attract potential clients but also turn them into loyal customers, driving your business growth in diverse markets.

Academic Translations

Experience the power of precision with our education translation service. We bridge the gap between languages and cultures, transforming your scholarly work into a global masterpiece.

e-Learning Translations

We work with a variety of mediums and file formats to ensure that eLearning content is precisely localized.

Financial Translations

We can translate your financial documents quickly, reliably, and simultaneously in 120+ languages.

Government Translations

Writeliff offers a full span of government translation solutions covering all types of documentation.

Medical Translations

As a professional translation agency specializing in the healthcare sector, we take responsibility for protecting patient privacy.

Software Localizations

Writeliff provides efficient localization solutions that allow your software and IT content to function optimally in multilingual versions.

Legal Translations

With careful attention to linguistic and legal details, we have honed a robust translation process that ensures providing exceptionally precise legal translations.

Scientific Translations

Our scientific translation services cover a wide range of disciplines, including medicine, chemistry, biology, math, and more.

Technical Translations

Our technical translation solutions give you a leg up in building relationships with potential customers and distributors.

Book Translations

We are your gateway to global readership, transforming your words into a multitude of languages while maintaining the essence and style of your original narrative.

Marketing Translations

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their global advertising materials are not only visually appealing, but also culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate for each local market.

Media & Publishing Translations

Understanding the importance of culturally appropriate translations in this industry, we help your business communicate its message effectively to a global audience.

Mobile App Localization

By localizing your mobile app for different markets, we will help you improve your App Store rankings, increase downloads, and increase foreign sales.

Oil & Gas Translations

Our experts can help you overcome any language barriers when dealing with energy, fuel, and natural resources from different countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have certified translators from Arabic to English, French, German, Italian, and more. For more details, you can check our certified translation page.

You can request the translation service from here. You can mention in the Notes field any special requirements related to your order.

The cost of translating your content varies according to its length, difficulty, and format. Our average price per source word is around USD 0.08 (around USD 20 per standard page).

Yes, Writeliff offers proofreading services for translated documents. We can proofread a single document or compare a translation to its original.

We can work on almost all file types such as the following:

It depends on the volume of your source text. On average, a professional translator can work through 2000 words per day. Complex technical documents or those that necessitate extensive background research may take longer.

Credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, cheques, and bank transfers are all accepted. Payment in advance is required.

All major currencies are accepted.