How To Integrate Video Content into Your Modern Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing has dominated conventional marketing, and video contents are now a much more popular and effective way to gain definite results in digital marketing. Integrating video into the current digital marketing campaign would deliver an anticipated result that every marketer would like to have.

  • According to experts, social videos are 1200% more effective compared to conventional text and images.
  • Almost 55% of people closely monitor every move and data given by the video content than text and images
  • The combination of video and landing pages can increase the conversion rate by more than 80%

These are a few things that make the video content so venerable.

Types of videos that are mainly used in marketing

Marketers use different types of videos to reach the audience and showcase their brand and its quality. Some of the most used videos are as follows:

1. Demo videos 

Demo videos are one of the most used video content in successful marketing campaigns. They mainly show how your products work. Whether the business is based on a product or service, the demo videos educate the viewers regarding the product that the business deals with. Sometimes, these videos include unboxing any product and putting them in front of the viewers.

2. Brand videos

Brand videos are mainly made to target a larger audience. These videos often showcase the company’s high-level vision, mission, or products and services. Brands mainly transmit their messages through these types of videos, and they build awareness around the company and attract maximum audience. Additionally, these videos enhance brand value, which is the need of the hour to stay ahead in the competition. It helps to attract the targeted audience.

3. Event videos

When businesses organize any event, it is best to webcast that life through various social media channels. These videos mainly increase the authenticity of the brand and highlight various products and the advantages that the brand offers. Marketers use events to promote their products, and they highlight the benefits by releasing interviews and presentations from the audience who have gathered there.

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4. Expert interview videos

Expert interview videos are also another way to showcase the product and its features to the audience. Marketers use internal experts or thought leaders to endorse their brands. These people mainly promote the products using their knowledge and analysis. In this way, the maximum audience gets motivated, which generates a lead, and enhances the business to any extent. There are also digital influencers’ videos that appeal to their followers to use the product or service, and in this way, the marketing of the products gets done at the right time. It will instantly boost the business.

5. How-to videos

How-to or instructional videos are mainly used to teach the audience something regarding the news to build the foundational knowledge needed to dive deeply into understanding the business and its solutions. The sales and service team also uses these videos to motivate the maximum audience. Since these videos explain all about the product and its advantages, there will be no need to spend extra time with the customers to promote the brand or the specific products.

6. Explainer videos 

Explainer videos are mainly used to offer insights into the product or service. The audience gets a thorough knowledge of the products after watching these videos. This is why it is crucial to invest in these types of videos that can truly contribute to educating the audience regarding the brand, its products, and its features. Since many explainer videos mainly focus on the fictional journey of the customers who were struggling with a problem and benefitted after using the product.

7. Animated videos

Animated videos are also one of the best-used videos for marketing purposes. These are extremely well to attract attention from many viewers, and these videos are full of information that makes these videos extremely vulnerable for educating people regarding the product and its use.

8. Case study videos

A random view becomes a potential customer when they know that the product can truly solve the specific problem they are going through. To ensure this, case study videos are best to use. These videos are mainly made based on the positive views of satisfied and loyal customers. These people are the brand’s best asset, and they never hesitate to express their personal experiences on camera. These types of videos are more effective than others, and people get assurance after watching them.

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9. Live stream videos

Several social media platforms and video-sharing sites like YouTube offer live streaming. Live videos cater to special experiences regarding the brand and the product. Since they offer a live interaction facility to the viewers, it is quite easy to get the best result from these videos by solving the customers’ problems during the live session. According to estimation, viewers get hooked on the live videos eight times more compared to the normal videos. Live stream interviews, presentations, and events mainly encourage the audience to comment and ask questions directly.

10. 360° and virtual reality videos

360° videos are best to be used by the viewers. They can scroll and change the mouse pointer to view different angles of the video. Special techniques are being used to make these videos, and they are perfect for viewing the details of the product or services. These are the basic videos that marketers do use in modern marketing.

Ways to start integrating videos into your marketing strategy

Integrating videos into the marketing strategy needs a proper plan and execution that ensure the videos deliver results. Since making videos has become easy with the help of an online video maker, marketers use this tool to produce stunning videos for better ROI.

1. Chalk out a proper plan

Before including video in your marketing, you need proper planning. According to the product, plan out the video to target the age group and decide which type of video content can impress the audience. How often do you plan to create video content, and how much do you want to invest in creating video files? To create quality videos, you need to hire a professional videographer, and sometimes, you can film videos using simple gadgets. 

2. Start integrating videos with small clips

Before launching your integration, it is crucial to know that small videos in starting would attract maximum attention than the longer videos. That means the videos you will post in the initial stage should be short and informative. A short video with a welcome note will be best to get started, and one thing is for sure, there is no requirement for more investment. In this way, it will be a good start for your marketing campaign.

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3. Videos on the landing pages

Gone are those days when websites were filled with texts, images, and graphics, but now the induction of the videos has made them more dynamic, user-friendly, and informative. Ensure that the website meets the current-day marketing needs and should be the hub of the online operation. According to a study, including a video file on the landing page can increase the conversion rate by 80%. Video content ensures a positive impression and satisfaction from visitors.

4. Embed videos in emails

Emails have been used as the strongest tools for marketing, and marketers have been using them for a long time. Earlier, only text and images were used as the email body, largely ineffective in impacting the recipient. However, including video in the emails would be the best way to impress the audience, and these types of emails are largely seen, which later enhances the leads. When getting a notification of your new video, subscribers will respond positively, enhancing brand awareness and the business profile.

5. Make the videos smartphone friendly 

More than half of the videos are seen by smartphones and other mobile platforms. The main objective of video marketing is to create and distribute videos, and it will be easier when your videos are smartphone friendly. If you want to make your content popular, then never think that the viewers will come to you and watch the video; rather, you should make them in such a format that they can watch whenever, wherever, and by whichever device they want to see. Square-shaped videos perform best on almost every device. So, you can do your research and formulate the right marketing strategy that can deliver the anticipated result.

6. Emphasize live videos

Live videos are a bigger audience puller than other videos. So, many marketers prefer to go for live videos, just like an interactive video session where the audience and the marketing authority interact virtually. They allow you to get engaged and interact in real time with the audience. It sometimes creates buzz among the audience regarding the latest announcement, other vital programs, and product features. This is why you shouldn’t shy away from making live videos that can truly inspire your viewers.


Video contents are the most powerful content in the current scenario. If you want to drive more sales and good responses from the audience, then use the video content in your marketing campaign.

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